RedBull Neymar 5s Qualifier


Blue Magic Fc won astro tournament RedBull Neymar 5s Qualifier.
Great day in Coolock Astropark .

Interfirm Charity Tournaments is organising the new challenge which is the tournament called RedBull Neymar 5S Qualifier and it will take place for the first time ever in Ireland.

Winners of many tournaments from all across Ireland will take part in it. As a result of the final , 4 teams will promote which will result in playing in Belfast against 4 best teams from Northern Ireland . The final winners of that game will play in Brazil.

Results BM :

Group: 1:0 ( Zeberek), 5:0 ( G.Porzega 3,Patryk Porzega,Zeberek) ,
4:0( G.Porzega2,Przyborek,Zeberek).

Semifinal ; 5:0(G.Porzega3,Patryk Porzega,Zeberek).

FINAL : Blue Magic FC – The Onda Team 3:1 ( G.Porzega,Patryk Porzega, Pospula ).

BM Representatives were the following players :

Radziwoniuk,G.Porzega.Pospula,Pawel Porzega,Przyborek,
Patryk Porzega, Zeberek

Coach; Adam Kowaluk


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